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Cat Flap Fitter in and around Sussex

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We supply and fit cat & dog flaps in wood, glass, upvc and brickwork anywhere in Sussex and the surrounding area.

How will my cat know how to use a cat flap?

Cats are independent animals and like to come and go as they please. This of course places an obligation on the owner either to be at kitty’s beck and call; to leave a window open (and perhaps risk a burglar’s visit) or to leave the cat out until you’re ready to let it in. Not very fair!

A cat flap allows a cat to lead an independent life and of course if you have one fitted, you won't need a litter tray indoors. (NB: Remember not to let kittens out until after their first course of inoculations) You can teach your cat or kitten to use a cat flap by propping the flap open initially and enticing the cat through by offering a tasty treat. Repeat the process a few times in both directions so that the idea becomes ‘imprinted’ and bit by bit lower the flap so that puss learns to push it open to get in or out.

To prevent your cat from inviting all of the cats in the neighbourhood around for tea and a warm place to sleep, we can supply a cat flap which will only open for your cat. The flap is ‘unlocked’ by a magnetic or electronic ‘keyring’ on your cat's collar.

Can you fit flaps in a double glazed door, or a wall?

We can fit cat and dog flaps almost anywhere! We have years of experience working in all kinds of materials and situations and there are not many places where we've never before fitted a flap.

There are a few considerations to bear in mind though;

• Some metal framed doors may interfere with the operation of magnetic catch flaps, where the cat wears a magnetic 'key' on its collar to gain entry
• A cat flap fitted in a cavity wall will need a special tunnel (which we can supply) between the inside and outside. These take much more training for the cat to get used to and they may prefer not to use it at all! Double-glazed units units can be fitted with cat flaps but may require a replacement double glazed panel. We can arrange this quickly and easily, providing hi-spec units to fit your existing frame.
• Fitting cat flaps to a sliding door can be tricky, but we can do it.

We can fit your own cat flap but there will be a minimum charge of £55 and we reserve the right to decline should we consider the flap to be unsuitable for the location or if any parts are missing or damaged.

Other frequently asked questions

How Do I know you'll do a good job? Good Question!! We're professionals, we've worked in the glazing industry for some time, use professional tools fit for purpose, take pride in our workmanship and will gladly furnish you with references.

Are cat flaps secure? It is important not to leave house keys in the door lock or car keys in close proximity to a cat flap as a determined burglar may be able to gain entry or make off with your car or worse - your cat!!. Most cat flaps are now lockable.

Will the flap let in drafts? No. Our cat flaps are available with all kinds of features, from draught exclusion and magnetic catches to four point locking and electronic entry.

Will the cat flap slam and wake me up? Most unlikely! Modern cat flaps are almost silent in operation - unlike the revolving door types one often sees on Tom and Jerry. But they do keep mice out - unless of course, your cat brings them home for you!

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As you have got this far, we'd imagine that you're pretty serious about having a cat flap fitted.

The big question on your mind is probably, could you do it yourself and save money? Yes, of course you could, but could you do it as well or as quickly and competently as we could? Only you know the answer to that! We have the right tools, and have fitted countless flaps in many different locations. With prices from as little as £65 we'd have to ask - why would you want to resort to DIY?